Novel materials on display - Museum der Wahrnehmung MUWA Graz & Häuslbauer Messe 2024, Graz

Our colleagues from SP9 (Material- and Structurally Informed Freeform Structures) are presenting novel materials based on clay, mycelium, and alginate, in the exhibition "BASIC RESEARCH" at MUWA Graz (

General opening hours: Wed-Mon, 1pm-5:30pm (Jan.-May 2024, closed: February 24th - March 8th 2024)

Museum der Wahrnehmung MUWA Graz
Friedrichgasse 41, 8010 Graz, Austria

Pictures from the vernissage (Jan. 26th 2024, see also

Vernissage at MUWA Graz


Similar materials have also recently been on display at an annual construction fair ("Häuslbauer Messe", 2024).

Material wall


Julian Jauk

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