SIGGRAPH 2023 Emerging Technologies Best Project Award

The collaborative project between SP5 and SP7 teams won the SIGGRAPH 2023 Emerging Technologies Best Project Award for “Action-Origami Inspired Haptic Devices for Virtual Reality” ( The award was given by the Laval Virtual jury and the project has been invited to be presented at Laval Virtual 2024.

Origami offers an innovative way to implement haptic interaction with minimum actuation, particularly in immersive encountered-type haptics and robotics. The paper and live demo present two novel action-origami inspired haptic devices for Virtual Reality (VR). The Zipper Flower Tube is a rigid-foldable origami structure that can provide different stiffness sensations to simulate elastic response haptic simulation in VR. The Shiftly device is a shape-shifting origami haptic display that can enable a real-time experience of different shapes of virtual objects or materials in VR. The modular approach of our action origami haptic devices provides a high-fidelity, energy-efficient, and low-cost solution for interacting with virtual materials and objects in VR.

Team photo

Award certificate