CLOUDER live at the Potenziale 3 exhibition

CLOUDER is a concept modeling tool. It uses 3D capturing tools, scanning devices, and machine learning in order to provide opportunities to re-integrate physical design processes into digital design workflows. The potential of CLOUDER can be tested live at the Potenziale 3 exhibition in the spaces of the Tyrolian Architecture Center aut in Innsbruck.

CLOUDER has been developed by the multi-disciplinary Computational Immediacy research team, which consists of two architects (Mathias Bank and Viktoria Sandor), two mathematicians (Stephan Antholzer and Martin Berger), a creative technologist (Robby Kraft) and a student research assistant (Tilman Fabini) The research project is supervised by Stefan Rutzinger, Kristina Schinegger and Tobias Hell.  Their goal is to develop a design method for concept modeling based on the immediate conversion of 2D images into 3D point clouds through transfer learning.

Mathias Bank – Autocomplete Architecture | potenziale 3 from Potenziale 3.

Viktoria Sandor – Visual Encoding with 3D Point Clouds | potenziale 3 from Potenziale 3.