Exhibition at Kunsthaus Graz – until October 2021

Styria’s industrial fair, Landesausstellung "Steiermark Schau", presents research from TU Graz/Institute of Architecture by showing a column made of “MyCera”, an innovative composite building material consisting of clay, cellulose, and mycelium. “MyCera” has been developed within our project Material- and Structurally Informed Freeform Structures.

The brick-like modules are 3D-printed with clay, allowing for highly complex and lightweight forms that could not be built using conventional extrusion-technologies. The voids and openings are then filled with a mixture of cellulose and mycelium, the root-network of fungi. This live material makes the bricks grow together – and thus there is no need for conventional cement. The prototype is on display until October 31st 2021 at Kunsthaus Graz. For more information see https://www.steiermarkschau.at and
as well as our recent publication:

Digital Fabrication of Growth - Combining digital manufacturing of clay with natural growth of mycelium
J. Jauk, H. Vasatko, L. Gosch, I. Christian, A. Klaus, and M. Stavric, CAADRIA (2021).

MyCera images